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Justin Bieber had trouble growing up in spotlight

Justin Bieber thinks he is less likely to become mature, because he was constantly in the spotlight. “I had to grow up very quickly to the public, but it was really that different.”
In an interview with the American Men’s Health says the singer that he feels things have missed.
“There were things I had to do, develop new relationships, talking to people, but when it comes to really mature I’ve probably missed a few things.”
The 21-year-old singer says that he really did not want to be all grown up. “Part of me always remain a little child. I always want to keep a certain kind of innocence. That pure.”
Bieber tells the magazine that he occasionally would like to be invisible. “That I could dress up like Bruce Wayne in Batman can change without anyone knowing.”

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Bruce Wayne Justin Bieber 2015 Justin Bieber Photos

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