Apple Watch contains hidden accessory port

Apple Watch contains hidden accessory port

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Apple Watch contains hidden accessory port

The Apple Watch would have a hidden connection that could be used in the long term, for example ‘smart wristbands.
Watch Apple would at the bottom, into the slot where interchangeable wristbands are retracted, a hidden connection. Reported TechCrunch based on multiple sources.

Apple has never officially called the jack. The connection would resemble the Lightning connector that is in iPhones and iPads. According to sources from 9 to 5 Mac is the connection, however, only on the developer version of Apple Watch.

According to TechCrunch, the connection would be used only for diagnostic purposes, such as installing the operating system and service by Apple. In time, the port, however, would also be suitable for accessories for consumers think the sources of TechCrunch.


That would according to the site eg wristbands can be with additional sensors. According to rumors, Apple was much more than just build the heart rate in the Apple Watch, however, the company was technically still pending. Also, an external battery in the wristband would be a possibility.

Competitive smart watchmaker Pebble announced the possibility for such a smart straps already recently for its new Pebble Time. Or Apple already directly what plans the connection port appears possible next Monday. Then the company holds a large press presence.

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