Ford GT will only end in 2016

Ford GT will only end in 2016

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Ford GT will only end in 2016

The Ford GT was the hit of Detroit and is also one of the most beautiful cars of Geneva. Unfortunately we will’m provisionally only see at car shows.
According to a Ford -medewerker the European launch of the car until the end of 2016. The car will then only on a limited number of European markets available.

The new generation of the GT has no more V8 under the hood, but a V6 EcoBoost with “over 600 hp”. Ford used in the context of the weight saving a lot of carbon fiber for the new GT.

The use of carbon fiber has an additional reason: Ford GTwants to quickly gain experience with the material, so that even the cheaper models can be lighter by its application.

Recently Ford has already started with weight reduction by applying Alumnium in cheaper cars. The main F-150 pickup has been for example a body made of aluminum. The lower weight of the body, the consumption of the car.

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