Whatsapp block users from unofficial apps permanently

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Whatsapp block users from unofficial apps permanently

Whatsapp users who send messages through another unofficial app now be permanently blocked by the online messaging service.
Reported that the German website Mobi Flip , who have received some reports of users duped.

A large group of people dedicated to unofficial apps like Whatsapp + or WhatsappMD, to send messages. These apps are not available for download in Google Play and offer more functionality than the official Whatsapp app, such as the ability to see the last seen status of others while the status of the user is hidden.

The use of these apps is through the online messaging recently banned . Whatsapp is currently working to block users of these apps permanently. These users have already received a warning or temporary blockage.

Whatsapp blocks the phone number, which the user can no longer send messages with the official app.


The developers of most alternative Whatsapp apps, including the creator of the popularWhatsapp +, have stopped the development of the apps.

They received from Facebook message that they should immediately stop offering the software, because the apps violate user agreements of Whatsapp.

– Whatsapp +, Whatsapp News, WhatsappMD

Whatsapp + Whatsapp News WhatsappMD

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