Leonardo reacts nal-corpse on rumors of relationship with Rihanna

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Leonardo reacts nal-corpse on rumors of relationship with Rihanna

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna keep us busy weeks. The two celebrities were repeatedly spotted together. The rumors were all that it was not a relationship between Leo and RiRi, but a relationship between the singer and a good friend of the actor. Ein-the-corpse also makes itself heard Leonardo. The redeeming word Leo denies a relationship with Rihanna and walking hand in hand with a model, reports Life & StyleWeekly. “Leo has said that he and Rihanna are just friends. He has been single for some time. ” Page Six also showed themselves heard and reports that Leo and the new model went together in the bedroom, turned up in bed and the door left open. They were just in bed, no one saw anything, but left hand in hand, the source said. Unfortunately, our fairytale fall apart .

– Leonardo DiCaprio Young, Rihanna 2015, Rihanna Quotes

Leonardo DiCaprio Young Rihanna 2015 Rihanna Quotes

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