Mevius Final Fantasy and AAA Mobile

Mevius Final Fantasy and AAA Mobile

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Mevius Final Fantasy and AAA Mobile

The mobile ground, after a somewhat crude beginning, it seems that is finding its way slowly.Much remake, port and Pochos games, but already interesting projects completed and played as Terra Battle or Threes !, is wonderful as we started to hear terms like “AAA” referred to this market, because there is much future there.

Square Enix has led the mobile domain ports, remakes and pochitas things, however, and with Unity 5, presents Mevius Final Fantasy. The JRPG format is one perfect for playing on mobile devices, whenever able to be structured with rapid saved and narrations more measures than those found in console. The action can be controlled through management menu, saving the hassle solved yet touch control in action sequences. Mobile allows you to retrieve the battle for classic innings and give it a new spin on this, which is different from the consoles requirements, and even lets raise lighter stories or upload approaches different levels giving it another flavor to JRPG.

See how the genre in these terminals is the reason why Final Fantasy Mevius I find so appealing. In its atmosphere also lies an interesting factor: the protagonists roam the world aimlessly not been touched by the light of hope, which introduces the basics of the game exploration, and how you can enter this mobile? Perhaps with the ability to sit and wait for the bus and go slowly, navigating a world unknown meantime?

Technically the title looks great and the production team has Yoshinori Kitase to the head, indicating the intention of Square Enix to get serious with the title. Then you have other things I do not like so much, and that is to motivate this wander the world , the character comes out of memory. And I thought we had already gotten over amnesic characters, anyway.

Mevius Final Fantasy is a great litmus test to see how a first degree works on mobile terminals and how a traditional adventure is able to adapt to an emerging format that is not so much.

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