Posted by Clohound New iOS version fixes big security problem

New iOS version fixes big security problem

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New iOS version fixes big security problem

Apple has released version 8.2 of its mobile operating system iOS made available for iPhones and iPads.
The update will make it possible to connect an Apple Watch on an iPhone, though the smart watch Apple until April 26 in sales in the first group of countries, where the Netherlands not to sit.

In the update for iOS 8.2 is also a solution to the public recently made ​​Freak leak that secure connections can still unsafe. The bug, which since the 90s seems to be present, comes from an old American rule obliging companies to use breakable encryption, so that intelligence could listen in.

The weak encryption two decades ago could be broken only by supercomputers, but can now be cracked in principle by everyone.

The leak exceeded in any case from Apple and Google, including the default browser of Android and Chrome and Safari on OS X and iOS. Apple confirmed the resolution of the bug on a support page .


IOS 8.2 is added to iPhones Apple Watch app that can be used to link a watch on the phone. Apple appears to Watch app gives information about the device through various promotional films.

Furthermore, the system performs several improvements to the gezondheidsapp. The app should be more stable and several bugs are fixed.

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