Posted by Rectingo Asus Zenwatch late April in the Netherlands for sale for 229 euros

The Zenwatch Asus Android Wear is the end of April in the Europe for sale for a suggested retail price of 229 euros.
Asus Netherlands reported Tuesday. Earlier it was reported that the smart watch would cost 199 euros.

The Zenwatch runs on Android Wear, mobile wearable for Google, and has a square screen. The touch screen is 1.63 inches and has a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels.

The screen is slightly curved and made of Gorilla Glass. The clockwork is made of silver and stainless steel roségoudkleurig and a leather wrist strap is included. Users can through Android Wear customize the design of the dial.


The watch also features a Snapdragon 400 chip with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and a battery of 396 mAh. With this smart watch would have a battery life of at least one day.

The watch features a heart rate monitor and motion sensors. Asus has a separate application called Wellness App for reading activities. The Zenwatch is also waterproof and dust proof and can be used as remote control of the smartphone, for example, to control the camera.


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