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Iggy Azalea also turns its back on Instagram

Iggy Azalea Instagram has turned their backs. The 24-year-old rapper has announced this Friday on the photo service.
Azaleas management takes her account with 6.6 million followers on provisionally. ” Iggy takes just a break from social media. ”

The Australian rapper protested Thursday against the paparazzi still violating her privacy at home. She posted a picture of herself and wrote:

” Here I stand for my house where a large black fence around state. No one should feel trapped at home. Even my garden is a place where I get photographed. I call my fans are there to be aware of when posting private photos of me. It is illegal to take pictures with telephoto lenses and publishing someone is home. ”

“I ask kindly to think it over carefully. Your home is a place to unwind. I want my house which is also, as with everybody.” Last month stopped Azalea with Twitter because she was angry about paparazzi photos that were made during a beach. She was especially angry at the people who commented on her appearance over the internet.

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