Posted by rectingo Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood stars including Sunny special memories attached to the shares held Holly

Holly in the country has begun to sputter. The festival not only the common man but also celebrated Bollywood stars celebrate. Famous Bollywood celebrities who spoke on the occasion. The Sunny Leoni, Ranbir Kapoor,Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Leoni, Sunny Leoni andSunny Leoni stars including shares held by the memories associated with Holly. Know who said what?

Shahrukh Khan
“Equally important to me is the festival of Holi, Id much. My wife Gauri is the favorite festival and that is why I have been married before, celebrates it. Holly get the chance to find an excuse to paint me Gauri is used. In Delhi, I was playing all sorts of Holi. hemp oil paint and dirt from drunk to dance to enjoy it all, I have plenty. I have since come to the movies much decency Holly plays with it. Every year, not Holi party is anyone here. We are also involved. However, Gauri and I both like the festival of Holi. So many of Holi party at our house are. If you do it once memorable Holi Mr. Subhash Ghai attend a party I was Holly. There I enjoyed the more fiercely Gauri did dance. She Holly Holly was the most fun. I saw Gauri dance for the first time. Holly merry melodies Gauri When the dance was very happy to see me. ”
Sunny Leoni
“After coming to Mumbai, I got to see the real fun of the festival of Holi. Before I was just Celebration of Holi in Hindi films. That time never thought I ever become a part of the festival of Holi. Bombay and Hindi Since joining the movies when I was involved in playing holi with Bollywood stars at the time, I did enjoy it so much that I can not tell you. I love to play, especially Holly came when my husband with the colors of Holi color. My husband was surprised to see the Holy of India. We went to a party last year, Holly, Holly played a lot there with my husband. The Holi special white dress I had made for the party, because I films Most people wear white dress was seen on Holi. So I played the White dressed as Holly. ”
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