Open beta of Bittorrent browser released

Open beta of Bittorrent browser released

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Open beta of Bittorrent browser released

BitTorrent has released an open beta of its own web browser, Project Maelstrom. The browser is based on the same technique that is used in torrent.
Maelstrom was already available since late 2014, but by invitation only. Meanwhile, BitTorrent has opened the trail for everyone.

The browser is only for use on Windows PCs, as the company said on its blog .

According BitTorrent allows the torrent technology within its browser for a faster and more open Internet over traditional browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


The website content is at Maelstrom through peer-to-peer made available. There need not be always connected to a central server, because the information is stored locally on the users’ computers.

Because the content of the user’s PC is downloaded, everyone according Bittorrent also a web server set up to host their own site.

Websites have to first be created specifically as a torrent available by developers before they can be visited via peer-to-peer technology.

BitTorrent has previously put online development tools. To date, 10,000 developers and publishers 3500 expressed interest in creating websites for Maelstrom said Bittorrent.

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