Two thirds Apple Watch-buyers choose cheapest version

Two thirds Apple Watch-buyers choose cheapest version

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Two thirds Apple Watch-buyers choose cheapest version

Nearly two out of three Apple Watch buyers opt for the relatively cheap Sport version.

This enables research Slice based on the orders of more than 9,000 Americans who bought one or more Apple Watches. The incompetent searchers estimate that slightly less than one million Americans have ordered an Apple Watch on the first day that this was possible.

62 percent of people would choose the Apple Watch Sport of aluminum, while the remaining 38 percent chose a more expensive Apple Watch stainless steel. Order of the Golden Apple Watch Edition did not appear in the examination of Slice.

According to the researchers, 71 percent of buyers opt for the larger Apple Watch size of 42 millimeters. The rest choose a smaller watch with a diameter of 38 millimeters.


Especially the black sport straps are popular both with the cheaper Apple Watch Sport as the more expensive Apple Watch. In the more expensive model selects more than one in three customers for a black or white sport strap, while a quarter choose the Milanese band of metal.

In the sports version chosen almost two thirds of the buyers for a black strap, while another 22 percent choose a white band. The colorful straps prove to be not very popular.

Americans spent an average of $ 503.83 per Apple Watch, and ordered watches an average of 1.3 per person. Apple Watch Sport is available in versions of 349 and $ 399 (399 and 449 euros in European Apple Stores). Apple Watch stainless steel costs 549 to $ 1099 (649 to 1249 euros).

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