Beyoncé gives 285,000 euros on a pair of heels

Beyoncé gives 285,000 euros on a pair of heels

Superstar Beyoncé did not care of the sale when she bought a pair of shoes to wear in her new music video. The famous diva had almost 285,000 euro down to a pair of stiletto heels that are dotted with more than 1,300 diamonds. They also charged a gold belt on more than 78,000 euros.

It’s about the Princess Constellation stilettos of the prestigious British brand House of Borgezie. Besides numerous rhinestones adorn the shoes also blue butterflies and a red heart and sole. It is not clear whether the popkoningin later, the 18-carat gold version of the slippers on her feet or the issue of heavy platinum. The wife of Jay Z gets lifetime warranty on the shoes, which are made ​​to measure and in which a pair of three weeks of employment. Bargain Brand Owner Chris Shellis could not believe his ears when he heard after months of contact with Beyoncé’s management that the sale went through, says he told the Birmingham Mail .

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