Emma Roberts: its unretouched lingerie campaign for Aerie!

Emma Roberts: its unretouched lingerie campaign for Aerie!


New challenge for the beautiful blonde! Actress Emma Roberts undresses for Aerie brand. The peculiarity of this campaign … Photoshop was not at the rendezvous. What happiness!

Little sister brand American Eagle Aerie launches a nice message #AerieReal with its new campaign. The idea is not new but reused with the new ambassador Emma Roberts. For his next collection, the brand lingerie would not alter Emma Roberts. On one because obviously it does not need and two, to denounce the massive use of software on celebrities and supermodels.
The idea of not being transformed by technology like the actress of 24 years. In fact, pretty and very sweet blond said: “J e am honored to be part of this movement […] the reality is sexy, the reality is cool.” If the actress posed in lingerie mainly on one of the pictures the brand could not help but make him to pose with a gray shirt with simple but effective message “I am #AerieReal”. This collaboration is not his first experience, Emma was already sacred face of the brand of ready-to-wear Elkin in 2014.
A series of shots that perhaps would call the water at the mouth of her partner Evan Peters was who she might be again. Last June, a source close to the couple announced the separation of the couple to the site JustJared after three years of romance.


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