Nvidia brings PS4’s Share Play to PC includes streaming co-op

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Players with Nvidia’s new service can stream the game to another PC and play it in co-op mode. That was announced by Nvidia on the website of Geforce Experience. The beta of the new feature will be launched in September, according to Nvidia.

Game Stream Co-op is part of the GeForce Experience and has three different modes. Players can watch, play a different drive or play together in co-op mode, as long as the game has this mode. Developers must adapt their game to support the co-op functionality.

However, the co-streams are limited to 720p HD resolution and a frame rate of 60 frames per second. Nvidia also recommends users Game Stream Co-op with only one download and upload 7Mbps.

Nvidia also announced that there is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 is needed at least to make the Game Stream Co-op possible. Currently, the function only works via a plugin in Chrome.

Game Stream Co-op is a variation on Game Stream, where users can stream a game from their PC to shield portable tablet. This feature, however, support a Full HD resolution.

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