Justin Bieber’s turn to fall for a Victoria’s Secret model!

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After several flirtations, Justin seems to have fallen under the spell of a top and not just any … A model of Victoria’s Secret, Xenia Deli.

Definitely, this year the fashion is to be couple with a top of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. While Miley Cyrus file the perfect love with Stella Maxwell, the singer Justin Bieber has a crush on a colleague in the person of Xenia Deli.
Official replacement for Selena?
There are some days, Selena Gomez spoke about his private life and particularly her relationship with Justin Bieber. A tumultuous love that has made ​​the magazines for years. Now well and truly separated, each made ​​his living on his side. And it was expected that the Biebs falls under the spell of another. But then attributed to him several romances with many models is to Xenia that the star was surprised.
Indeed, this is a fan of the singer who has filmed in a piano bar. Captured playing Let it Be Beatles, you can see from the video that the top originally from Moldova is sitting against and behind him. Her head on his shoulder, she seems completely in love. The couple then left together.
And so a little tickle his fans, the interpreter of Baby posted during a few minutes a picture of their feet on Instagram before erasing. If this 25 year old lady nothing to you, know that it will be in his next video What Do You Mean coming out in a few days. What’s better than turning to be closer?

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