The unbearable Kylie Jenner has more friends than we know!

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Through her ​​Instagram account, Kylie Jenner seems to have a dream life. A boyfriend, a house, money, breathtaking evenings and professional projects … But apart his family -and again- and her BFF Pia Mia, it would seem that Kylie is well alone.

In her new number, OkMagazine gathered old friends of the star witnesses who do not say anything but good to her. In fact, it would have almost no: “It has gradually detached from friends with whom she grew, they used to be called The Squad and lived almost in each other. But she put them aside.

It is true that if there is one and a half Kylie was displayed with a gaggle of friends, the more it physically looks like Kim, unless they are at her side. But there’s a reason for that, the teenager would be undrinkable:

Kylie Jenner 2015 Kylie Jenner Instagram Kylie Jenner News Celebrity

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