Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck returned to Los Angeles

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck returned to Los Angeles

Jennifer Garner is back in Los Angeles. After the shooting for her new film Miracles from Heaven, that took place in Atlanta this summer. You know that People, the magazine saw the actress Friday in her hometown.

Ben Affleck was already back in LA a few days and are now entering a difficult time for the two stars who earlier this year got ​​divorce. The two were supposed to have been planning to live together temporarily, but after a difficult summer and do some renovations to their ).

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Kourtney Kardashian’s baby boy ready to walk in the footsteps of Kendall!

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby boy ready to walk in the footsteps of Kendall!

if Aston Reign was the future second model of the family?

One thing is certain with children Kardashian is not done for the sake of their future, at least financial (psychological, that’s another story). The proof with the two younger sisters of the family Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Just graduated from high school, the first one is spoiled rotten and gathers the millions. At 19, the second has become one of the flagship models of all the Fashion Week and advertising campaigns, winning notably at Chanel and Balmain.

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Kim Kardashian or the art of making waves in St Barts by proudly displaying its buoys!

Kim Kardashian or the art of making waves in St Barts by proudly displaying its buoys!

On vacation in St. Barts with the whole clan Kardashian / Jenner last week, Kim Kardashian has posted some sexy souvenir photos on his Instagram account!

At her home in California or on vacation at the other end of the world, Kim Kardashian can not help but take pictures and post the results on social networks … This is not for nothing that she recently posted a book selfies with a hundred shots in all positions!
While the clan Kardashian / Jenner returned to California to continue filming the TV reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and celebrate the birthday of James Harden, the

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The unbearable Kylie Jenner has more friends than we know!

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Through her ​​Instagram account, Kylie Jenner seems to have a dream life. A boyfriend, a house, money, breathtaking evenings and professional projects … But apart his family -and again- and her BFF Pia Mia, it would seem that Kylie is well alone.

In her new number, OkMagazine gathered old friends of the star witnesses who do not say anything but good to her. In fact, it would have almost no: “It has gradually detached from friends with whom she grew, they used to be called The Squad and lived almost in each other. But she put them aside.

It is true that if there is one and a half Kylie was displayed with a gaggle of friends, the more it physically looks like Kim, unless they are at her side. But there’s a reason for that, the teenager would be undrinkable:

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Taylor Swift sings Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow

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During her time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the singer Taylor Swift has invited on stage actress Lisa Kudrow to sing the song Smelly Cat, after the series Friends.

Taylor Swift likes to surprise her audience. Indeed, as part of his 1989 tour, the most popular singer of the time invited many personalities on stage. In London, it is Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid which are mounted on stage. She also made ​​headlines by declaring her love to Calvin Harris during her duet with John Legend and singing with Julia Roberts and the legendary Joan Baez. Suffice to say that during her time at the Staples Center inLos Angeles this Wednesday, August 26, the audience was well expect something.

This is Lisa Kudrow who took the stage this time to interpret her song Smelly Cat, as her characterPhoebe Buffay resumed as a hymn in the series Friends. First dumbfounded, the audience was soon a chorus this humorous song. And it is clear that ten years after stopping Friends, Lisa Kudrow, aka Phoebe Buffay, still singing as false! This is not the first time that Taylor Swift shows her affection for the NBC series, since a few days earlier, it’s Matt LeBlanc, aka Joey Tribbiani, joined her on stage. But Lisa Kudrow was not the only surprise of the evening as Selena Gomezand Justin Timberlake were also at the party.

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Justin Bieber’s turn to fall for a Victoria’s Secret model!

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After several flirtations, Justin seems to have fallen under the spell of a top and not just any … A model of Victoria’s Secret, Xenia Deli.

Definitely, this year the fashion is to be couple with a top of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. While Miley Cyrus file the perfect love with Stella Maxwell, the singer Justin Bieber has a crush on a colleague in the person of Xenia Deli.
Official replacement for Selena?
There are some days, Selena Gomez spoke about his private life and particularly her relationship with Justin Bieber. A tumultuous love that has made ​​the magazines for years. Now well and truly separated, each made ​​his living on his side. And it was expected that the Biebs falls under the spell of another. But then attributed to him several romances with many models is to Xenia that the star was surprised.
Indeed, this is a fan of the singer who has filmed in a piano bar. Captured playing Let it Be Beatles, you can see from the video that the top originally from Moldova is sitting against and behind him. Her head on his shoulder, she seems completely in love. The couple then left together.
And so a little tickle his fans, the interpreter of Baby posted during a few minutes a picture of their feet on Instagram before erasing. If this 25 year old lady nothing to you, know that it will be in his next video What Do You Mean coming out in a few days. What’s better than turning to be closer?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have won the lawsuit

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have won the lawsuit

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have won the lawsuit against the co-founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley, who disseminated their engagement video.

Hurley must pay the couple about 450,000 dollars for violating the contract. The contract said Hurley not to transmit videos from the proposal, but several hours later he posted a video on his new website MixBit.

West and Kardashian were planning to use recordings of the proposal exclusively for the reality series of the Kardashian family.

In October 2013 West asked his girlfriend to marry him, accompanied by an orchestra and in front of friends and family. The couple married in May 2014.

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